Wow! Has it really been 10 years?

iPhone 10th Anniversary: How the iPhone Changed Visual Communication

iPhone 10th Anniversary: How the iPhone Changed Visual Communication
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Creating a floating frame

A great idea comes to life.

20150821_094343A very important client decided that they really liked the idea of a floating frame photograph. They were able to provide a sample of what they were looking for, and in just a few days we had finished our very first attempt at this framing method.

20150820_151435The floating effect is achieved by wrapping a print around a board that is mounted to larger board and installed into a metal frame. When displayed, you will see a black frame with a slightly smaller print floating inside of it.

20150820_151510The print can be done on a number of different materials, such as canvas, photo satin paper or satin cloth. Applying a UV coating to the print is always a good idea, in order to prevent damage from scratches or the sun.


VBS Banners for FBCGV


Check out First Baptist Church of Green Valley’s upcoming Vacation Bible School, July 26th – 30th 2015!

Banners were purchased by the church to advertise for their upcoming Vacation Bible School. They were in search of a way to neatly get their message onto the outdoor banners. We used a vinyl cutting machine to cut the vinyl lettering out and applied it directly to the blank vinyl banners. This same process can be applied to walls, windows, vehicles or any flat surface that will accept a sticker.




Brunswick & Valley Elementary Schools’ Carnival

Come support Brunswick & Valley Elementary Schools Friday: May 8, 2015 at the schools’ carnival!

EGI is sponsoring these signs. While we typically print signs directly onto corrugated plastic, these were given extra shine: We printed them on a satin photo base, mounted to corrugated plastic, and laminated them in 5 mil glossy hot-roll process.


Why EGI has a new web site?

Our original web site was developed in house at EGI 15 years ago in the fall of 2000. In that time period the internet has gone through many changes and improvements. Also during that period EGI has gone through many changes and improvements and we came to the understanding that it was time to trade in our old internet model for a newer 2015 internet model. Here are some of the reasons for the development of our new web site and blog.

1. We were looking for a better way to communicate with our customers. We wanted an interactive website that would allow our customers to post comments, get specific information, and have online conversations with us.

2. We also wanted to create a blog so we could maintain an ongoing chronicle of printing information with updated content for our customers to refer to.

3. We wanted to be able to update and feature our catalog of products and services. Keeping our customers informed in real time of any in house changes to improve our design services, printing capabilities or finishing products.

4. We also wanted to be able to Email our customers any updates to our web site, any new services we might offer, product upgrades and periodic sale specials.

We felt that our mission to launch a 2015 EGI web site was long overdo and hope you the customer reap the benefits of our latest effort.

New Website

Welcome to the new EGI Printing and Graphics website! We have revised, added and redesigned our old site to better inform and serve you, our valued customer. We are striving to make the printing experience with EGI both economical and practical while giving you the very best service and product. We hope you find our new web site user friendly and helpful in reaching your goal of a quality product, completed on time, and within your budget. Please use this web site to get information, order products and services or contact us to help you in your printing needs.

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