Mounting & Laminating Presentation Quality


Once EGI has finished printing your poster or presentation, you will need an attractive way to display it. Mounting makes prints look amazing while providing a useful backing that will allow your print to stand on it’s own. Put it on an easel or hang it on the wall. Either way, it will look great in any setting. We offer several choices for materials and thicknesses.

  • Foam Core
  • Gator Board
  • Sintra Board


Cold Roll Laminating

Cold Roll Laminating is ideal for prints that are mounted or will be mounted. Even if your business or event is indoors and protected from the elements, Laminating will prolong the life of your print. It prevents fading and water damage from ruining your investment. Lamination also provides a unique look to printed posters and signs. Some times a Matte Finish is needed in an environment that will create a lot of glare. Other times you want a High Gloss Finish to make your image seemingly pop off the page.

  • Matte Finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • Heavy Duraflex
  • Adhesive (Window display)

Hot Roll Laminating

Hot Roll Laminating is ideal for protecting a print that will be rolled and/or hung on a wall without being mounted to a board. Prints that are laminated only can be easily displayed in windows or outdoor sign holders. It’s also a great way to preserve aging items like maps and old pictures.

  • 5 mil
  • 10 mil
  • Full Encapsulation



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